Dilatação Pupilar

Dilating Eye Drops

Mydriatics contain medication to dilate (increase the diameter) an eye’s pupil. There are two types of eye drops: one stimulates muscle contraction, which increases pupil (like phenylephrine); the other relaxes the muscles responsible for contracting pupil as well as relaxes the muscle responsible for the focusing action of crystalline (like ciclopentolathus and atropine). These two types of medicine are frequently used together.

A dilated pupil allows ophthalmologist to examine the inside part of the eye to diagnose and treat eye illness. Besides that, focus muscle relaxation allows to prescribe the more accurate medication for refractive error (need of eyeglasses) in children. On the other side, these eye drops may sometimes be used to treat diseases or eye conditions such as amblyopia and intraocular swelling.

The effect of eye drops used for ophthalmological exam may last 4 hours to 15 days, depending on the medicine and individual sensitivity.
Lower concentrations are used to examine newborns and babies up to two years old.

Photophobia and blurry vision (specially in near vision tasks) are side effects of these eye drops; both disappear gradually. Sunglasses may be useful. Children can go back to school although teachers need to be aware of blurry vision during reading activities. Allergic reactions are rare.

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