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Red eyes in Children – Porto Canal Interview

In children, red eyes are mainly linked with innocent and self-limited situations, especially when presenting low intensity and having no associated symptoms… But, sometimes, the exact opposite happens… There are chronic diseases needing specialised medical intervention not only for diagnosis and proper treatment but also for scheduling follow-ups and regular therapeutics, thus preventing future recurrences.

Blefarokeratoconjunctivitis are often under diagnosed and under treated, thus hiding symptoms and chronic signs in small children with little ability to speak to their caregivers.

Therefore, late diagnosis may come with cornea scars. Repetition chalazium and hordeoulum (stye) associated to easy lacrimation and photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light) are warning signs. Treatment ensures comfort to children when established and enforced on a chronic and regular basis, thus improving welfare and visual ability (which is secondarily diminished).

Acute infectious conjunctivitis in children is usually viral and may be associated to bacterial causes, then becoming contagious. Clinical picture may be linked to nose and ears dysfunction with rhinitis and otitis. Despite such conjunctivitis type (which are by far the most common ones) being self-limited or just needing some comfort medication, they should not be mistaken with some virus-caused conjunctivitis – like Herpes virus –, whose diagnosis and consequent treatment have crucial importance. Not only because many of the medicines commonly used to treat banal conjunctivitis may aggravate Herpes and create irreversible eye injuries, but also because this disease is chronic and recurrent, sometimes demanding long-term medication. Therefore, careful observation of our children is recommended as well as valuing something in their behavior that we may consider different. Prevention and prompt intervention is the key for your future.

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