Paediatric Ophthalmology in Digital Era

You have probably heard or read about how spending too much time on computer, smartphone or tablet (digital screens) may lead to permanent eye damage. Fortunately, this is nothing but a lie: just like that old saying about “ruining your eyes” when watching a lot of television or sitting too close to a TV equipment. Nevertheless, there are some often-induced changes in normal ocular physiology causing short and mid term effects, especially when it comes to daily comfort.

Screen-related eyestrain affects all age groups and is also increasing among children. Symptoms include blurry vision and “sore” and tired eyes alongside dryness feeling, easy lacrimation or burning. This eyestrain is similar to the symptoms we might develop when reading, writing or developing “near-vision activities” such as reading a book, doing homework or sewing (for example) for a long period of time. This means pathology is not only caused by screen itself but is also influenced by distance and duration of use.

Screens are an inseparable part of our daily life. So what can we do and how should we manage its influence in our and our children’s visual health? Watch the video and clear up some eventual doubts.

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