Diplopia Visão Dupla Porto Canal

Diplopia | Double Vision – Porto Canal Interview

Diplopia is a symptom that means double vision.
It is possible to suffer from monocular diplopia, that is, to see double with only one of the eyes (namely, when seeing something only with the right or left eye, vision is doubling), or binocular diplopia, that is, the symptom only arises when both eyes are opened. There are totally different causes for these two types:

1. In the first one (monocular), the most common causes are uncorrected refractive errors and opacities of optical ocular media, with cataracts being the most frequent example.
2. In the second one (binocular), the causes are usually neurological and/or orbital, affecting directly (muscle-related diseases such as thyroid-associated orbitopathy, myasthenia gravis or myositis) or indirectly (by partial or total injury of the nerves controlling the muscle, such as cerebrovascular accidents, cerebral tumors or head trauma) the function of extra-ocular muscles responsible for controlling the conjugated movement of both eyes and thus causing a misalignment of the eye axes known as strabismus.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_bLTbpoac0

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