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Surgery for Complex Types of Strabismus

Last 5th December 2019 a strabismus course took place during the 62nd Portuguese Congress of Ophthalmology. It was subordinated to the topic “Surgeries for complex types of strabismus and organised by Paediatric and Strabismus Ophthalmology Unit (PSOU) from Ophthalmology Service from Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João.
Dr. Jorge Breda and Dr. Augusto Magalhães were responsible for coordinating the course. Dr. Paulo Freitas da Costa, Dr. Renato Silva and Dr. Olinda Faria were also part of the speaker’s panel. Clinical cases and diagnosis protocols were presented together with planning and surgical intervention in different contexts such as oculomotor palsy, restrictive diseases, alphabetical patterns and oblique surgery. Innovative and corrective technics developed in the unit were also shown during presentation.

Besides being a cohesive and multidisciplinary group devoted to Paediatric Ophthalmology, PSOU is a school with almost 60 years of evolution of though and daily intervention, thus allowing constant learning and obtaining optimised results based on an essential teamwork.

Source: Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology: Spoftalmologia ; Visão SPO. Esfera das ideias.

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