Acordo Seguro Saúde Médis

Médis Insurance Health Agreement at Porto’s medical office

Porto’s office – EME Saúde has developed a partnership with Health Insurance Portuguese Company Médis, thus allowing beneficiaries to take advantage of a health insurance that is widely recognised on the market. Now it is also available in Porto’s space whose office is guided by personalised service and where individualised relationships seek to maximize harmony between doctor and patient, making it fundamental for therapeutic and diagnostic success.

With Médis agreement, you can now enjoy several benefits during any appointment of Paediatric Ophthalmology or Ophthalmology for adults.

Book your appointment now for Rua Arquitecto Marques Da Silva, 285, 1oC 4150-484 Porto to take advantage of Médis’ Insurance Agreement in Porto.
Dr. Paulo Freitas da Costa, MÉDIS Providers Devoted to visual health of children, parents and grandparents.

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